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EPRI - Portfolio 2014 MastHead

Research Portfolio

The power system of the future will become more flexible, resilient, and interconnected. EPRI is supporting and driving this transformation through its 2014 R&D portfolio of technology development, integration, demonstration, and application programs, along with scientific and environmental research.

Environment & Renewables
Bringing together technology research and analysis with health/physical sciences to make the production and use of electricity sustainable for current and future generations
Making today’s fossil generating fleet cleaner, more efficient, and more reliable and developing tomorrow’s advanced generation technologies and emissions controls
Developing technologies that enable the safe, reliable, economical operation of existing nuclear plants and the deployment of advanced nuclear power plants
Power Delivery & Utilization
Developing technologies and approaches to facilitate higher levels of grid reliability, efficient use of energy, and grid transformation

Research Portfolio
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A line of sight on the horizon.

Technology Innovation Program
Early-stage RD&D to maintain a full pipeline of promising concepts and new knowledge.

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